Continuum Movement Teacher Program US – Module 7

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This event is running from 11 April 2025 until 15 June 2025. It is next occurring on April 11, 2025 10:00 am

Module 7:  Resonant States

Online Virtual only Event
Prerequisite module 1

  • Focus – The science of theoretical physics underlying Continuum Movement’s understanding 

“Movement is not something we do; it is what we are”, said Emilie Conrad.  In this module, we will explore somatically the ideas in quantum physics of wholeness of the universe versus fragmentation as well as life being an ongoing moving living process. We will look at how this relates to our somatic understanding of ourselves.

  • Students are encouraged to examine the experience and meaning of resonant states through the lens of nature and scientific interpretation.
  • The fractal nature of existence is considered in terms of how the spiraled movement of water mirrors our organic developmental and evolutionary process, and how that can creatively alter our way of seeing and experiencing life. This mutable and fractal model of the human form can be useful for dynamic postural analysis as well as an observational tool for injury rehabilitation and physical restoration.
  • Students learn to see how fluid re-patterning is orchestrated with the movement of human awareness within the body-mind.
  • Students learn how this awareness can change the quality of our internal processes— i.e. of pain, of movement, of shaping, of emotion, of thought.
  • Students learn an overview of the 5 basic senses and sense organs, plus proprioception and interoception, and how to work with language that supports the tracking of sensory-motor experience and self-regulation.

Practicum– Students will present a private class/session geared toward an individual and receive feedback first from peers and then teachers.

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