Join Emilie and Suzanne in a New Streaming Format

Now is a perfect time to slow down, drop inside and replenish yourself. Come do a deep dive with Emilie and Suzanne – available in streaming format for instant, easy viewing.

Continuum Movement® and Healing From the Core® are joining forces to bring you the enlightening collaboration between Emilie Conrad and Suzanne Scurlock.

These classes were taught in 2010 — 2011 — 2012 and bring you many rich hours of time with these master teachers. They are the next best thing to being there! Experience them at your own pace or create a study group and share this wealth of information.

Come watch and explore three years of unique, transformative classroom footage as Emilie leads you in her brilliant movement, breath and sound “dives” into your fluid depths, and Suzanne brings in conscious awareness and hands-on protocols which deepen the movement experience immeasurably.

Every year their collaborations combined movement, breath, sound and healing touch to create a synergy seen nowhere else.

In the 2010 class they explore how to down-regulate the nervous system and optimize brain function for deep rest and healing.

The 2011 they dive in at the cellular level and expand into the radiance of full body presence and health.

In 2012 they focus on creating resilience from deep within — and how that presence and fluidity naturally exudes a unifying atmosphere that feeds all that we do, create and touch.

These classes were professionally filmed — taking you right into every conversation, every demonstration, and all the rich outcomes discussed at the end of every day…

Join us once again and enter your innermost structures to build a strong foundation for surviving the current stressors of life — and thriving!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be in communion with Emilie and Suzanne — now instantly delivered directly to you in this wonderful new streaming format.

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