Mission Statement: The Continuum Advisory Council is a supporting body; we rely on our experience in Continuum, along with the directives Emilie Conrad gave us, to advise Emilie Conrad D’aoud Inc. The advisory council members use consensual decision making to advise Emilie Conrad D’aoud Inc. The advisory council does not set policy or legislate action. As stewards of the work, we help guide the unfolding development of Continuum. We are committed to the on-going presence of Continuum in the world.

Advisory Council Members

Gary David has led numerous lives: professional musician, teacher of applied epistemology or Epistemics: the Science-Art of Innovating (Ph.D.) since 1966, and steward of The Art of Learning, a monthly online forum. A student and guide in the biology of emotion and the Affect-Script Psychology of Silvan Tomkins. Met Emilie Conrad in 1966. Emilie and Gary married in 1975 and were together for over 20 years. He participated in Continuum for 15 years as musician, consultant, and student, and is currently a member of the advisory board of Continuum Movement. Learning and living with Emilie and her community was a turning point in his development.


Jamie McHugh, RSMT is a teacher, performer, and visual artist living on the Mendocino Coast.  Jamie has been teaching body-based work worldwide for the past 40 years and is the creator of Somatic Expression, a somatic-expressive approach to rewilding the body. Jamie first encountered Emilie Conrad and Continuum in 1994 at Esalen, which was the beginning of a life-changing, delightful 20 year mentorship and friendship.  www.somaticexpression.com  www.naturebeingart.org 


Thomas C Goelz has a BA from Stanford University (1978). He is owner and Chairman of Flotech Inc.  He started studying Tai Chi in 1978, was asked to teach Tai Chi at UNF in 1990. He has continued to teach Tai Chi with his wife Donnalea at their integrative health center, Cobalt Moon, in Neptune Beach, Florida.



Denise Gross There is nothing I love more than Continuum. It has been and continues to be my path and passion. Through it’s very gentle and fluid process it has brought me into true relationship with myself. It is my deepest desire to teach and share Continuum so that everyone can know that not only is it actually safe to be in your body but it is possible to feel really great in your body – no matter what shape you are, what pain or affliction you may be dealing with, or where you are in your life.

Patricia Streit has been involved in exploring the art of health since her teenage years. Rock climbing was her earliest exposure, creating a strong, healthy, fluid body.  She is now a Certified Yoga Teacher, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Continuum Wellsprings Practitioner, and has completed her Level 1 Hakomi training.  She teaches a variety of classes, workshops and retreats in movement, holistic healing and whole/raw food nutrition. Continuum Movement and Hakomi, together, are the foundation which inform all of her teaching, may it be in classes or private sessions. Both recognize the body as a self-healing, self-regulating bio-system.


Advisory Council Consultant


Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD, is executive director of Continuum Movement®, founded by Emilie Conrad-Da’oud, and also Chair of the ECD Initiative for research in the somatic movement arts. She is the founder and owner of Cobalt Moon Center, a center for integrative health in Neptune Beach, Florida, and a Tai Chi Instructor (1990). She is on the faculty of Esalen Institute, Hollyhock Educational Institute and teaches workshops nationally and internationally in Continuum, Tai Chi, and healing arts. She has a PhD in Somatic Clinical Psychology. Currently, she is working to develop a research and education institute with Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Sue Carter that will examine the biology and possible interventions of trauma. She also has a research project underway at the University of North Florida on stress and military veterans which will utilize Tai Chi as one of its main interventions.