Emilie Conrad ‘Continuum: My Story’…. Interview by Renate McNay on Conscious.tv
June 2013

Video link of Emilie talking about: class excerpt: survival, context, consolidation in time, stream of engagement, broader field

Emilie Conrad & Sharon Weil in Conversation about Creativity & Movement
January 2, 2014

The New School Commonweal:
Excerpt of Sharon Weil interview with Emilie Conrad (1min 43sec)
March 14, 2012
For full audio interview (54 min 44 sec)

Excerpts from Continuum: A Conversation with Emilie Conrad DVD

Fluid System

The Play of Life with Emilie Conrad, excerpts from class (4 min 45 sec)
Emilie Conrad discusses structural versus additive change, gel-sol, yin-yang, embryo, cell, and respiratory models as it relates to Continuum, movement, and the potential of our systems.

The Sounds of Continuum with Emilie Conrad from Kate Johnson on Vimeo.

This section focuses on working with sound and bone health.


A few videos from the Continuum YouTube Channel


Jennifer Field in Conversation with Emilie Conrad (34 min 40 sec)

Jennifer describes how Continuum was instrumental in her recovery from a car accident that left her in a coma. Emilie speaks to the issue of the body’s return to normalcy after acute shock. Includes footage of Jennifer moving at the end of the conversation demonstrating the absence of startle response.

More on Jennifer at www.jenniferfield.org

Diving in the Dark: A Continuum Movement Path to Healing (30 min 50 sec)

Val Leoffler, bodywork therapist, somatic educator and Continuum Movement teacher was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010. This short film documents her brain surgery preparation and her recovery centralized around Continuum Movement’s neurologically rich offerings to the field of neuroplasticity and movement.

Val’s website is http://www.innerdance.com.

Un Hommage pour Haiti (10 min 59 sec)



Emilie on Sound and Fluid

New Frontiers For Health:
An Interview with Emilie Conrad
by Liz Koch
Core Awareness

July 24, 2009

Emilie’s interview by Catherine Carrigan and James Williams
from Total Fitness
mp3 file.
August 31, 2007

Inside SI interview
Emilie talks on the 3 Anatomies and more
mp3 file.

April 16, 2007