Emilie’s Legacy Series Pt1: Don Hanlon Johnson – Uncontaminated Creative Juices

November 3, 2019

In our first episode of the series, Somatic Pioneer Don Hanlon Johnson shares his thoughts on Emilie’s legacy and contribution to the field of Somatics. In particular, he contrasts her approach to Wilhelm Reich’s Bioenergetics… Read More

Emilie’s Legacy Series Pt2: Donnalea Goelz – Haitian Undulation to Movement as Medicine

April 12, 2020

In the next episode of Emilie’s Legacy Series, we discuss the impact and importance of Emilie’s early years in Haiti, how it impacted Continuum, and can lead to new ways of understanding “movement as medicine”. Read More

Emilie’s Legacy Series Pt3: Don Van Vleet – Continuum’s Potential as a Catalyst for Human Evolution

April 14, 2020

In our latest episode on Emilie’s Legacy, former professional dancer, rolfer and movement pioneer, the late Don Van Vleet explains how Emilie’s somatic legacy affected his linear understanding of movement and the potential of this… Read More