Completion of the Continuum Movement Training Program is required in order to submit an application to become a Continuum Teacher.

After completion of the Continuum Movement Training Program, one submits their application to the office.

Application Process

On becoming a Continuum Movement ® Teacher

Submission Guidelines and Recommendations

After meeting the qualifications to apply to the Teachers Board, eligible candidates are requested to complete an application, which includes the following three items:

  1.  Request an Application Form from the Office, [email protected]
  1.  Request a letter of recommendation from a currently authorized Continuum teacher.
  1. Create a video of you teaching a small group of people who are new to Continuum (recommendations for making and sharing your video with the board are below).

Once your application form, letter of recommendation and video are complete, email your finished application, letter of recommendation and video to the office.

The office will forward your application, recommendation and video to each member of the Teachers Board (after checking that video downloads and can be seen).

The Board meets quarterly, and the office will share the deadline for upcoming meetings when you request your application form

Continuum Movement Teacher Review Board Recommendations to Applicants Preparing Videos:

  • We would like to see a video from one introductory class with students new to Continuum. Please do not edit from several classes.
  • We want to hear you articulate Continuum concepts.
  • We want to see you demonstrate both sound/breath and movement.
  • We want to see some interaction between you and the students.
  • The students do not need to be filmed during the exploration time; the camera can be turned off and then turned back on during the final check in process.
  • The total time of the video (without the exploration time) should be about 90 minutes.  Please submit it via: zip file, video or url link.
  • In terms of quality, we need to be able to hear you and see you. Please do a short test run for sound and visual quality ahead of the actual class you are going to film. The video does not need to be of professional quality.

Recommendations to sharing videos with Teacher Board Members


Students can create their own YouTube Page, and:

Post the video on the page;

Invite only the Teacher Board members to view it by including their email  addresses; please ask the office for current members’ email addresses to include on your YouTube page.

Make sure the page is NOT marked private.

Test sharing the link to your video with a friend, to make sure it can be opened and is playing properly before submitting application.

Drop Box or Vimeo

Students can create a Drop Box or Vimeo account and share a link to their video file using the suggestions listed above.

Teachers Board Process

  1. The Teachers Board reviews the video, and discusses the strengths and edges of the person being considered, in a regularly scheduled, quarterly conference call. Once all strengths and edges have been discussed the teachers board waits 24 hours before casting their vote. Their vote is due by the next day. Please note, it may take up to a week for the office to get back to the applicant to set up a meeting with Donnalea.
  2. Mentoring is an important process in developing one’s teachership. Currently there are a mandatory 6 sessions over the next two years  from a member of the teaching board or Donnalea,  for all who are approved Continuum teachers.  When the mentoring sessions are complete your mentor will give the office the final approval.  In other words, you will be recognized as a teacher for the first two years but you do have to meet this requirement of mentoring to be continued to be recognized as a teacher.
  1. A contract is sent to approved applicant, that they must sign, provide proof of insurance, pay teacher dues and submit a photo and bio to put up on the web. One is not a recognized teacher until all of the above requirements have been done.
  1. Once all that is received we send out an announcement to the teaching community welcoming our newest teacher.

Reapplying as a previously Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher?  Please complete this reapplication form:

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]/ or call 310.593.4651