AboutOnline Webinars

The word ‘webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. This distinguishes it from a webcast, which also includes the presence of a physical audience. Other terms used as alternatives for webinar are web event, online seminar, webcast, web lecture and virtual event.

Upcoming Events:

  • Exploring Bio-intelligence - Moving across our self-limiting systems
    Next Offered:02/02/2023

    Join Maria and Marc from the comfort of your home. Explore the potentiality of virtual learning. Thursdays: 8:30-10:15 pm (EEST), 1:30-3:15 pm (ET), from Feb. 2 to Apr. 27, 2023 The class is given in the English language. Exploring bio-intelligence – Moving across our self-limitation systems Through Continuum Movement, we…

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  • Weekly Continuum Class Online with Nobu and Olivia
    Next Offered:02/03/2023

    Our weekly class is offered on: Thursdays, 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm, Eastern / New York (Fridays, 9:30 am - 10:45 am, Tokyo) Please join Nobu and Olivia for a weekly virtual class designed for: • connection in real time with one another, • engagement with our moving waters, •…

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  • Transforming Trauma with Continuum Movement
    Next Offered:02/07/2023

    Healing Trauma Works with Tania Buchanan Boyd Transforming Trauma: Dismantle the Chains of Trauma through CM The dives work within a compassionate and safe container combining sound and movement that enhances our fluid nature to dismantle our survival strategies. This allows us to experience our authentic selves free of survival…

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  • Birthing into Fluid Origin with Sarah Grace RCST, SEP
    Next Offered:02/08/2023

    4 WEEK TELE DIVE SERIES Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 (Wednesdays) Sacred Investment $133 6pm-8pm PST Join Sarah from the comfort of your home for this 4 week live tele-dive series. Within commUnity, Sarah will be guiding you with moments of silence, sharing Continuum and Somatic based practices and with…

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  • Becoming the Water: An Introductory Continuum Workshop
    Next Offered:02/12/2023

    Becoming the Water: Intro If you're curious about Continuum Movement and interested in learning more about the essence of a Continuum practice this event is a good place to begin. (An introductory session is recommended before participation in other classes offered through Madrona Holistic Arts.) There will be opportunities to…

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  • The Field of the Midline - A Continuum Exploration
    Next Offered:02/13/2023

    Whether through the emerging 'primitive streak' or the developed spinal cord, the midline serves as a potent field of influence and the central channel around which life organizes and unfolds. Like a river, the natural curves and bends carry the vitality of our life force - warmed by breath and…

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  • The Ocean of Sound
    Next Offered:02/14/2023

    Explore the deeper meanings within the vibrations of Sacred sound codes. All of creation emanates in waves. Your keys to heal, receive guidance, connect and harmonize with Nature, and awaken to your higher consciousness is carried on the vibrations that move through you and that are you. Join us twice…

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  • Becoming the Water: Deepening
    Next Offered:02/16/2023

    This series is offered as a portal for inquiry into the essential elements of a Continuum practice - an invitation to deepen our somatic experiences. Each week one of the themes we touched on in “Becoming the Water,” will be explored in more depth: breath/sound, resonance, attention/awareness, and innovation. Through…

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  • Continuous Nourishment Rooting in Receptivity
    Next Offered:02/18/2023

    Continuous Nourishment- Rooting in Receptivity A Virtual Continuum Movement® Series Four Saturdays: 12-2:15 pm MT, February 18 to March 11, 2023 Intentionally timed so participants from Hawaii to Europe can participate. -> Slow down to the pace of pleasure -> Get fed by the Source within you -> Arrive more…

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  • Continuum Movement Training Program - European Module 4
    Next Offered:03/03/2023

    Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD  ANATOMY II Prerequisite Module 1 Focus- Further inquiry into the relationship of physical systems to states of being, moving, perceiving and other clinically important areas. Neurophysiology will be touched upon as it pertains to the practice of Continuum, including an overview of the Nervous System,…

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  • Continuum and the Creative Process
    Next Offered:03/13/2023

    This is an opportunity to come together to explore the creative waters of our being through Continuum, as we come to know a continuum practice as a creative process. We’ll consider creativity through various lenses, primarily following Emilie’s path as an artist, as shared in “Life on Land.” Through opportunities…

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  • Weekly Continuum Class Online with Nobu and Olivia
    Next Offered:03/16/2023

    Our weekly class is offered on: Thursdays, 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm, Eastern / New York (Fridays, 8:30 am - 9:45 am, Tokyo, during US Daylight Savings Time, March 12 - Nov 5 2023) Please join Nobu and Olivia for a weekly virtual class designed for: • connection in real…

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  • Creating embodied safety through Polyvagal-informed Continuum Movement and Craniosacral Therapy
    Next Offered:03/22/2023

    “If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer” (Stephen Porges) This five-day immersive workshop will explore how to create deep and lasting safety in the body through Continuum Movement and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This is a rare opportunity to study with special guest facilitators Stephen Porges…

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  • Bone Health: A Continuum Movement Deepening Series - April 2023
    Next Offered:04/01/2023

    Bone Health Deepening Series with Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD New to Continuum Movement? See the overview video below. This course will explore Bone Health which essential for our overall health and wellbeing.  This course will investigate osteoporosis and osteopenia and look at ways to increase bone density and juiciness.…

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