Continuum Movement Teacher Program – European Module 9

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This event finished on 18 May 2024

Module 9: Embryotic Development & Movement (In-person 8-6PM)
Prerequisite Module 1

  • Focus – Embryological implications, pre- and peri-natal imprints on the body

We begin life in a total embryonic fluid state within our mothers. This time was potent in its imprinting of our first structure.

  • Basics of our early and ongoing potential, as well as our limiting historical imprints, are addressed in class through a lens of biological processes including cellular/embryological development, and the epigenetic or contextual influences that impact our growth and evolution.
  • Students further learn the fluid system’s importance and recognize its primordial/ancestral/cosmic role in healing, movement, and fundamental wisdom.
  • Emilie Conrad stated that “we moderns, now separated from the ongoing living process of our planet, hunger to remember our true origins.”
  • Students learn how the embodiment of Continuum principles provides an opening to the deepest and most satisfying nourishment. Able to release restrictive imprints and access our early potential, with experiences that include such aspects as embodying our embryological midline, we are relieved from our linear mechanical existences and from our hardened beliefs and limitations.
  • Illness, aging, and deterioration take on new possibilities when the experience of the “body” is expanded and sustained by this inherent undulating wisdom.

Practicum– Students will present a private class/session geared toward an individual and receive feedback first from peers and then teachers.

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