Students were asked to share with the community their experience of the Continuum Teacher Somatic Training modules, below are their comments.

Q: What did you like about this workshop?

Module I in Fl Sept 2015
Instructor Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz

I liked equally the subject matter presented, and the masterful teaching styles presented.  I feel I deepened my somatic (and cerebral) knowledge of Continuum, and got a HUGE helping of masterful teaching abilities to boot.

I liked being with all of my fellow students, because they all are: experienced enough in Continuum to be able to attend this workshop; rich in experiences of many arts, sciences, and somatic practices; committed to Continuum and got themselves to this workshop; already teachers of life, in many aspects; and pure JOY to be with.

Most of all, I appreciated Donnalea’s openness in sharing the transformation of Continuum Movement, including the different ways Emilie taught the breaths & Continuum over the years, the shifts during Emilie’s diagnosis and care, and the continuing conversations about the evolution of Continuum today.

I love the explanations in the teaching, the demos done by the instructor and all the dive time. I also loved the depth of the check-ins.

There was a strong field created by the group, due to the fact that there were a number of very experienced practitioners in the circle. It was marvelous to work/explore in that! Also, a powerful heart connection formed among the participants and teachers/assistants, probably because Donnalea established and lovingly “held the container” of the group. In addition, the studio was absolutely beautiful- an ideal place for this work to happen. Furthermore, Donnalea was generous in opening her home to us. The closing circle there was beautiful! Finally, the setting of the beach was powerful for me in my learning process. I appreciated that we were in direct contact with the ocean as we explored fluid movement in the context of evolutionary and embryological development. I felt deeply nourished by the time I spent in and around the seawater. Perfect!

Material was innovative and parallels are drawn to the latest research which I always appreciate. One of the highlights for the workshop is the beautiful space of unity and open heartedness Donnalea holds for the group and Continuum as a whole. Donnalea is a real inspiration as a teacher as she embodies such a unique way to holding leadership, were the power differential is dissolved and equality modeled.

  • Donna Lea made me feel welcome from the very beginning, and I felt honored and recognized in the journey that I had made to be there. The circle felt sacred, and I felt truly (infinitely!) blessed to be part of it. The energy was very grounded and open.
  • I was touched by the simplicity, strength, authenticity and generosity of Donna Lea’s presence and teaching style.
  • I found Donna Lea’s way of continuously stepping aside from the teacher role to explain what she was doing, as well as the way she weaved together teaching, teaching to teach, her humanity, precise technique instruction and dive time very nourishing and instructive.
  • I feel that I have come away with simple, concrete tools that will enable me to both deepen my continuum practice and to begin to organically set myself on the path to becoming a continuum movement teacher. I feel like I have made a quantum leap. I have understood how to build a sequence for exploration, I have found the support I needed and know how to go forward. This is huge, as before the module I was unsure how to proceed. Inner doors have opened, very simply.
  • I found the reference materials that were shared (books) very valuable, and an inspiration to go deeper and deeper, and approach continuum from many different angles.
  • I was touched by the stories about Emilie.
  • The practical information on becoming a teacher and the precise explanation of the Teacher Training structure and of the different elements (including mentors and practice groups) was very useful. Also, understanding how the training might be articulated between the US and other areas of the world was important to me.
  • Meeting for the first time or meeting again the other teachers and teachers in training.

I loved the studio in Neptune Beach, FL and the close proximity of many restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and other lodging/accommodations, and the beach, of course!! Very relaxing, convenient and beautiful. This location allowed me to easily meet up with other students before and after class, and share rides, meals, etc… Compared to the vastness of Santa Monica, I much prefer the Neptune Beach location for trainings and workshops.

I loved this workshop and I look forward to more in the future.

Instructors – I was touched by Donnalea’s authenticity. I feel she is a skilled teacher, with effortlessness to her teaching.She was very generous and supportive, and aware of the group.
Facility – The studio is beautiful, clean, comfortable, with soft lighting when needed, and rounded sound. It is very nice to be able to be outside and next to running water. The access was easy, in an environment with soul, and so close to the ocean. Providing wifi access is thoughtful. Access to good drinking water was very much appreciated. Improvements might include: a more functional area to leave coats, hats, bags etc. Possibly, a sofa in the hallway with a small table, instead of just the table!

Module II in Florida Sept. 2015
Instructors: Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz and Elaine Colandrea

I have come away with simple, concrete tools that will enable me to both deepen my continuum practice and to continue on my path to becoming a teacher.

The space, the teachers, the format, the students, the spaciousness, the range of experience in the room.

I liked the Continuum teachers’ abilities to embody Mystery, to embody being-in-inquiry throughout the workshop, and transmit that ability to us students.

I feel that getting people together with the intention to become teachers and experience different teachers is invaluable – as deep bonds are being made that can hopefully bolster and inform community into the future.  The practicuums are good and I enjoy immensely – just need to be finessed more in some way if possible – so we can also get more time in with teaching from instructors.

The practicum: student present class and receive feedback

The students teaching and learning from the variety of what they shared.

Group was different atmosphere of Module 1 Santa Monica, but everyone was so supportive.  Teachers contain group with love.

The richness, diversity and strength of the group. The quality of attention and presence.

The presence of Elaine and the presence of other teachers and their contributions and interventions.

The practicums. It was a very instructive and ‘real’ process and very helpful in beginning to embody being a somatic based teacher. The process that I went through was potent and educational, as was the feedback and participating in the other student’s classes.

Donnalea’s very pedagogical teaching style. This gave me a solid structure to help me go deeper. The way this was done was both empowering and illustrative. It is helpful in my weaving together my years of teaching experience in other fields with my continuum practice and my work to become a somatic based teacher.

The way Donna Lea kept stepping aside from the teacher role to explain what she was doing, and the way she weaved together teaching, teaching to teach, precise technique instruction and dive time was very nourishing and instructive.

The exploration times, the sequences given, and the demonstrations. I learnt much about specific breaths and movement possibilities. I understand how to build a sequence. Feeling the common ground between different teachers and teaching styles is instructive too.


Kathy’s and Denise’s presence and contribution

The stories about Emilie and her teaching style help me breathe more life to Emilie in my heart and mind.

Other students’ experiences and generosity.


The reference materials shared (books) were very valuable, and an inspiration to go deeper, and approach continuum movement from many different angles.

The practical information on becoming a teacher (ISMETA etc), and the precise explanation of the Teacher Training structure and of the different elements was very useful. Also, it was important to understand how the training will be articulated between the US and other areas of the world.


Additional Comments made by the students:

It was amazing to experience my colleagues in their teaching demos.  What was so impressive was that each brought the space, the field that is Continuum in their demos.  I was enriched by each demo and learned so much.  The feedback process was beautifully done with so much respect for the teacher in training… I have no fear for the future of Continuum, not with what I am experiencing and learning thru the teachers and… My wonderful colleagues.  Thank You For This Program!

I enjoyed the training. I must admit I was floating around in bliss most of the week because of my personal process that was ongoing coming into the training  – so I did not have the most critical or any real emotions that came out to process. I was inhabiting a very even emotional state.

I feel the questions of how not to codify Emilie’s teachings – yet still offer up the breath and depth of them in a variety of formats with clarity, context and appropriateness are important questions to keep asking and delving into. I do feel what was happening with Emilie and her teachings in the last year – are refined and distilled, and are the leading edge and unfolding of the Continuum inquiry – obviously there is a greater community that was not around to see, experience or know this. I do enjoy the archival knowledge also, and find it necessary as long as it’s placed and presented that way. Seems it will be more important in the future as teacher trainees come on board that did not have relationship with Emilie or had met her.

I feel the moving of the training to Florida is a positive and good move, necessary.

Again, I was so impressed with the quality and capacity of both teachers Donnalea and Elaine to communicate the essence and lived experience of Continuum thru all the spoken teachings and demonstrations… in the space of sound and silence even more was communicated … I realized how much had opened in me as I traveled home…
So many Thanks!