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In my dream I was riding a wave. When I awoke the words, ‘It’s time to catch a wave’ were pulsing through me. After raising…

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In my dream I was riding a wave. When I awoke the words, ‘It’s time to catch a wave’ were pulsing through me. After raising a family, teaching elementary school,  and practicing various healing modalities, a portal opened before me – Continuum – an invitation to immerse myself in the soft, undulating, transformative spirit of water. This was the beginning of my initiation into the field of Continuum.

Diving deep, I began exploring the work of Emilie Conrad and found all aspects of my life being shaped by the depth, scope and expansive consciousness of this new ocean of awareness. Immersing myself in the fluid field – breath, sound and movement – I came to embody the teachings and continue to discover how this practice profoundly affects relationships at all levels – touching our ‘soma,’ – the informed wholeness of our lived experiences, human connections within a cohesive field, and our natural  resonance with the intelligence of our planet and the cosmos.  

I look forward to connecting with others who have also been drawn to Continuum Movement. Emilie said, ‘I created a wave and rode it!’ Likewise, I find myself riding the wave –  responsive in the moment and open to new directions.  I’m excited about teaching and sharing with others this potent and ever-evolving field.

Graduated from the teacher training modules July 2020.

Upcoming Events:

  • Becoming the Water: An Introductory Continuum Workshop
    Next Offered:02/12/2023

    Becoming the Water: Intro If you're curious about Continuum Movement and interested in learning more about the essence of a Continuum practice this event is a good place to begin. (An introductory session is recommended before participation in other classes offered through Madrona Holistic Arts.) There will be opportunities to…

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  • The Field of the Midline - A Continuum Exploration
    Next Offered:02/13/2023

    Whether through the emerging 'primitive streak' or the developed spinal cord, the midline serves as a potent field of influence and the central channel around which life organizes and unfolds. Like a river, the natural curves and bends carry the vitality of our life force - warmed by breath and…

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  • Becoming the Water: Deepening
    Next Offered:02/16/2023

    This series is offered as a portal for inquiry into the essential elements of a Continuum practice - an invitation to deepen our somatic experiences. Each week one of the themes we touched on in “Becoming the Water,” will be explored in more depth: breath/sound, resonance, attention/awareness, and innovation. Through…

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  • Continuum and the Creative Process
    Next Offered:03/13/2023

    This is an opportunity to come together to explore the creative waters of our being through Continuum, as we come to know a continuum practice as a creative process. We’ll consider creativity through various lenses, primarily following Emilie’s path as an artist, as shared in “Life on Land.” Through opportunities…

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