What we Call a Body


Western culture abhors the “body.”  While our mental faculties are vigorously cultivated, our bodies are things to be mastered or controlled.  Body wisdom is ignored in favor of supporting repetitive, mechanical and disassociated movement under the guise of “health” and “fitness”.  We are taught skills and techniques, but rarely encouraged to be guided by the magnificence of our organism.


Commonly, when we speak of the “body,” we refer to a defined boundary that features a head, two arms and two legs, and encompasses a very specific locale.  This description is necessary to know that I am feeding my mouth and not yours, which is basic to my survival.


In Continuum, we recognize the body as mutable, multi-functional ad containing a process that is not defined by boundaries.  What Continuum calls a “body” is movement – a dance of cells, molecules, and interpenetrating wave motions.  All of these movements stabilize in order to function in the environment of planet earth.  Beyond conventional functioning exist domains of an unfathomable fluid mystery.  We could say that all has been forgotten of this legacy except for our primordial pulsating, undulating environment of blood, organs, membranes, and connective tissue.


We are basically fluid beings who have arrived on land – moving water existing on earth – with all its transformative properties carried within.


Through Continuum’s practices and held values, we are relieved from our linear mechanical existences and from our hardened beliefs and limitations.  Illness, aging, and deterioration take on a new possibilities when the experience of “body” is expanded and sustained by this inherent undulating wisdom.


We moderns, now separated from the ongoing living process of our planet, hunger to remember our true origins.  Continuum provides an opening to the deepest, most satisfying nourishment, long sought after and rarely received.