Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher
Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits

Santa Monica, CA
(310) 430 9864

The human body is the vehicle with which we each are gifted for this life. It is, therefore, valuable to engage with our amazing, complex vehicles and invite ongoing refinement. These times are challenging; information overload, false information, stress, trauma, and fragmentation are too common. The great speed at which life unfolds is frequently driven by technology. Its tendency is to override the bio based plenum and alienate humans from our natural resonant birthright. Continuum Movement invites a practice of movement driven by pause with simple sounding: By these means noise is disrupted and receptivity is cultivated – inviting new awareness, patterns, and connection into our lives.

Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits, BSE is authorized to teach “Continuum Movement” by Emilie Conrad obm, on staff for the CMI teacher training program, and a spiritual director, offering private and group Liquid Kabbalah sessions. She is the founding rabbi and spiritual leader of Holistic Jew and works enthusiastically in support of eco-conscious, cost effective, kind, communal, end of life options. T’mimah is an educator teaching at a variety of schools, conferences, and communities including “Kabbalah and Prayer” a course of study integrating traditional prayer practice with bio based models from classical Kabbalah and “Cultivating the Sacred Feminine”.