Susanna Knittel – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher

Susanna Knittel

Santa Monica, California


Susanna Knittel is an Authorized Continuum teacher who has been teaching in Europe and California since 2000. She studied with Emilie Conrad for two decades.

Her coming of age in the Jungian Analysts community as a student in Zurich determined her life’s pursuit. Her initiation into African movement and culture while working in Senegal was another significant influence that motivated her work on liberating the body and cultivating relationship to psyche.

An innovator whose tentacles reach in many professional directions in Europe, the US and Africa, she has worked as filmmaker, photojournalist, designer (of a patented product), teacher, Council trainer, improviser.

In The Matrilineage Project, an exploration into our female lineage presented in ensemble performance, she synthesized her practices with consciousness studies and dreams.

Impelled by the culture’s rapid loss of connection with nature and the body, she returned to film to make the documentary Falling for the Mountain, a love story between people and the land. She lives in Santa Monica and spends summers in the Swiss Alps, learning about dowsing and sharpening a scythe.

Susanna is available to teach workshops in English, French, German, Swiss and Italian with a native assistant.