Debra Franco – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher
Debra Franco
Pacific Palisades, CA
(310) 454-5530

I am a Continuum teacher who doesn’t come from a somatics background. A film producer for many years on the East Coast, a spiritual awakening took me west to southern California, where I studied metaphysics and eventually became a trance channel. (I was as surprised at this outcome as everybody else). I have been working with people around the world in that capacity since 1996. In 2001 I was introduced to Emilie, and when I walked into her class, I was Home. Like no one else I’ve known, she blended the beauty of spirituality with the power of sound and movement and ritual. I studied with Emilie for the next 12 years and became an authorized teacher in 2013, shortly before she died. I am passionate about the Mystery School teachings Emilie brought in through Continuum. My classes focus on opening to what she called ‘’sacred reality”, a realm parallel to, but separate from, material reality. That’s the space I’m interested in – where we can meet and be seeded by new awareness, new potential, the mystery that is greater than we can know.