Lars Ekkelund – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher
Lars Ekkelund

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars began studying Continuum in 2006, Wellsprings Practitioner in 2012 and became a Continuum teacher in 2013. The initial introduction to Continuum was not easy as the movements and sounds were foreign to Lars. It took more than a year before he revisited Continuum – curious to dig in to what had scared him initially. Then came the love of Continuum! The investigation into Continuum is ongoing but there’s been a shift (several) of focus. Since the first meeting with Emilie in 2009 Lars has spent 6 months following Emilie’s classes and workshops in California.

For Lars Continuum Movement is a path of inner exploration and in-depth inquiry. The nurturing sounds and movements create an inner flow of connectedness and opens to realms of joy and realizations.

Lars’ work and background is body therapy and workshops (body therapy, stress management, mental training) and Lars has regular movement classes. Before becoming a body therapist Lars was working as a Consulting manager in IT for high performance cooperations for several years. Bringing this body of knowledge into body therapy & Continuum Movement creates a meeting and understanding of what the wear and tear of everyday life does to us and why it is so important we take responsibility of our own life and body.

For a detailed class schedule and information on his therapy sessions and teaching contact: [email protected]