Continuum Teacher – Beverly Buehner

Continuum Movement

Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher
Beverly Buehner
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 308-2639

Beverly is an Authorized Continuum Movement teacher and advanced Continuum Wellsprings Practitioner, based in the Los Angeles area of Santa Monica. Beginning with the new year she will periodically teach in Bali, Indonesia (check the website). She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with ISMETA.

As a somatically trained Trauma-therapist, she draws on over thirty years cumulative experience specializing in somatically-based trauma recovery, early developmental trauma, attachment and pre and perinatal life. Beverly is an advocate and teacher of pre and peri-natal health in adults. She has extensive training and experience in many somatic modalities, is certified as a Family Constellation Facilitator, Somatic Experience, and Hellerwork Practitioner.

Beverly completed her graduate studies and is ABD in Pre and Perinatal Psychology, from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She is certified as a Process Workshop Facilitator by pre-natal and birth therapy pioneer, Ray Castellino.

Beverly offers a gentle new approach to those who wish to clear patterns formed from early imprints, and transform their life. Her embodied presence creates a safe and sacred space where students can explore conception, womb and birth experience within the primordial womb waters of the cells and body. Water and cells remember, they contain the early memories of a bodies experience and offer a rich well of opportunity to discover and recover Self; who you were vs. are before you formed any mistaken core beliefs about yourself.

Beverly believes that to return to our initial embryological potential is truly the essence of healing. Here, where high potentiated aliveness lives, re-patterning and revisioning of Self can take place, for your rebirth into a new paradigm.