Continuum Teacher – Ashley Johnson

Continuum Movement

Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher
Ashley Johnson

[email protected]

Ashley is interested in investigating the body in motion. In an intentional exploration, she investigates a three-pronged approach to movement as an educator, artist and somatic practitioner. She brings a sensitivity regarding alignment, healthy bodies and regulated systems that carries into all her elements of practice.

An ongoing inquiry into daily movement practices lead her to mentorships with Amelia Itcush in the Mitzvah Technique/Itcush Method, Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement and Shauna Sky in high performance training. Ashley was fortunate to be a scholarship student at the Continuum Studio in Los Angeles from 2009 – 2012.  She continues to be engaged in asking questions of how we preserve legacy while encouraging evolution in order to further investigate creativity, efficiency and movement as a way of knowing.    

Ashley studied dance and kinesiology at Grant MacEwan Dance Program, University of Calgary and University of Hong Kong. She has taught, performed and worked with clients in Northern Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and Los Angeles.  She maintains a busy private practice in Regina, Saskatchewan where she facilitates one to one sessions in the Mitzvah Technique, and teaches somatic movement classes at various locales.  

As an authorized Continuum Movement teacher she is passionate about diversity and accessibility in movement forms and regularly teaches somatic and dance integration classes in public schools, health districts, public libraries and other community engage institutions.  You can find Ashley through her website or at [email protected]