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Caryn Heilman began studying Continuum Movement in 1994, midway through her ten year professional dance career with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. She then founded…

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Phone: 646-845-9272
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Caryn Heilman began studying Continuum Movement in 1994, midway through her ten year professional dance career with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. She then founded LiquidBody media, movement and dance so that she could pursue the fluid thread she was following in the visionary work of Emilie Conrad that fulfilled fundamentals begun in the work of Modern Dance’s mothers, Martha Graham (the contraction/release as a stylized wave and the spiral) and Isadora Duncan (who came to see everything fundamentally as a wave).

With LiquidBody Dance she is exploring the art of dance from a fluid perspective. With LiquidBody media, she is exploring nonlinear formats for choreography and creating Somatic Cinema. With LiquidBody Movement she is offering opportunities for anyone to explore movement from a fluid perspective.

She is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher and a member of the Continuum Teachers Association.  She has an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of California, Irvine. Continuum Movement is the basis for all LiquidBody classes and workshops.

LiquidBody Movement offers ongoing classes in New York City, Athens (Greece), and the Berkshires of Northwest Massachusetts and has upcoming workshops in Kansas City, MO; Athens, Greece, and Tuscany Italy. Caryn offers regular ongoing live Virtual Classes and Workshops to a growing global network of interested movers and co-teaches with Teri Carter, the Continuum Virtuals that follow the format Emilie Conrad introduced of once monthly live virtual dives around seasonal themes with instructional video.  She is available for individuals and groups that want to schedule a class or workshop at their convenience. She is also available for in person workshops and classes wherever there is a request and the schedule permits.

She teaches in the Continuum Movement Teacher Training modules in Greece and Neptune Beach and mentors those wanting to dive more deeply into the work.  She teaches annually at SOMAFest in L.A. and has served on the advisory board for that vital organization led by Teri Carter as well as for Dance Notation Bureau and Continuum Movement, Inc.  She is also a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA, the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association and serves as Vice President of that organization.

Her artistic work is featured at Watermark Arts and her Somatic Cinema series was launched at the Fort Worth Modern in July 2018.  Her audience-interactive media work is also on exhibit at  She teaches at School of Visual Arts and is developing somatic movement Humanities curriculum for higher education and online study.

Caryn co-owns the ultra green, award-winning Topia Inn ( where regular LiquidBody workshops are offered as well as other somatic movement inclusive trainings.  She and her wife, the world-music composer Nana Simopoulos ( will be inaugurating a new workshop space on the island of Evia, in Greece (around 2 hours from Athens).

Upcoming Events:

  • Weekly Drop-In Continuum Classes
    Next Offered: 10/28/2019

    Online Weekly Drop-In Continuum Classes, Eastern Time Mondays 5-6p Tuesdays 8-9a Thursdays 4-5:30p Weekly Virtual Continuum Movement Classes taught by Caryn Heilman of LiquidBody are a great way to maintain a practice. RSVP to [email protected], phone (646) 845.9272 Registration info:

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  • LiquidBody Fall Workshop Series, 2nd Saturday
    Next Offered: 11/09/2019

    Online or in NYC and Berkshires Saturday, September 14 ~ from NYC Saturday, October 12 ~ from the Berkshires of Northwest, MA Saturday, November 9 ~ from NYC This Fall we will focus on Responsive Structure.  Your system will always start creating structure in response to your movement – especially…

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  • Continuum Virtual Autumn Series 2019
    Next Offered: 11/13/2019

    Teri and Caryn would love to explore Continuum Movement with you! Let's dive together and share as our global community engages in the season of Summer's innovation through the play of Breath, Sound and Movement found in the fluid practice of Continuum. Since 2014, each seasonal virtual series led by…

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