Sylvain Méret

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher & Practitioner
Sylvain Meret
France, Europe

[email protected]

Born in France, Sylvain has an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) and Dance Therapy (MA). Since 1998, Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he had to face chronic pains and injuries and found help through somatic techniques like BMC©, Feldenkrais, Qi Qong and various healing modalities but his recovery occurred when he met Emilie Conrad and Continuum in 2010. Since then, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of “the bodies” and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.

Today he gathered his interest for creative movement expression, active awareness, therapy and healing in  “Ways of Moving and Being Moved”. It includes workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions using modalities such as DMT, “The Moving Cycle”, Shamanic healing and Continuum Wellspring. Sylvain is particularly interested in trauma work, attachment work in parents/ infant, embodying Self-Love and bringing an awareness of working with the subtle realms within the Sacred.