Module 3 (50 hours)


  • Focus- Teaching Continuum to Individuals, and hands-on facilitation

Students learn the practical implementation of a somatic practice, how to apply Continuum concepts to private practice; actual physical challenges/restrictions that might arise in breathing, other physical activities, and daily life. Instruction includes discussion of the benefits and cautions of touch methods. Study of how thinking/feeling concepts can be applied to private sessions. Through aspects of Continuum’s embodiment and facilitation of fluid touch, students will learn distinctions between active/passive manipulation and use of different touch textures to bring clients to various depths and states of awareness. Conscious awareness and empathy are developed through touch and observation methods, growing the capacity to sense into one’s own and other’s bio-systems, helping to invoke a restful sense of Open Attention and to encourage wave motion in the fluids and tissues. Continuum’s gentle, non-invasive approach to touch promotes a philosophy of cooperation and respect in all of our interactions, almost a form of listening through the hands with an intention of supporting, comforting, nurturing, and promoting fluidity. Ethics of touch are addressed regarding how and when to use touch in an ethical and therapeutic manner, including appropriate boundaries, respect, listening, and informed consent of touch. Emphasis will be placed on relevance to bodywork, experiential activities, and safety.

Practicum– Students will present a private class/session geared toward an individual and receive feedback first from peers and then teachers.