Module 2
Focus: Breath and Sound 2: Fluidity of the Body, Spatial Dynamics, & Three Anatomies

A continuation of the inquiry into Wave Motion. Continuum’s sound, breath, movement and awareness practices make an art form of dissolving constraint, welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level. Students are encouraged to observe the flow of their sensory awareness through diverse experiential activities that include movement, meditation, breath work, internal flow patterning, partnering exercises, and other fundamentals of bodymind self-direction. Refined awareness of inner spaces, body rhythms, fluid wave motion, and the space around us will be tracked sensorially. Spatial planes, dimensionality, and movement in relationship to gravity will be explored. The skeletal system will be explored as a means to help define our experience in space. Class will include an introduction to Emilie Conrad’s concept of the Three Anatomies; primoridial, cultural and cosmic. An overview of the various fluids of the body are covered, including the basic function and location of lymph, blood, cranial-sacral, interstitial and cellular fluids. Rather than following a fixed system of postures or formalized exercises that maintain patterned structure without release, our explorations delve into the play of emerging and dissolving of form. This theater of life becomes the source of continuous well-being, wisdom and creative imagination. As modern people, most of our difficulties originate with the repressive constraints that mute our innate responses and dull the momentum of our creative intelligence and growth, resulting in illness, immobility, depression, and isolation.

Practicum- Students will present a class and receive feedback first from peers and then teachers.