Health & Healing

Continuum is essential to accelerate any healing process


Continuum enhances the effectiveness of all other treatment programs – physical therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy, Rolfing, bodywork and psychotherapy as well as chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries.

Continuum’s practices maximize the viability of the fluid system.  They transform rigis tissue, spinal cord injuries, skeletal disorders, neuromuscular complaints as well as emotional and sexual stasis into a vibrant flow of life-enforcing nourishment, moving us toward optimal health.

Emilie Conrad has expanded our concepts of healing and recovery through her insights into the body’s inherent capacity for renewal.  Her successful and original approach for treating spinal cord injury and neuromuscular compromise extend to all disease, injury and stress-related illness.

Conrad’s methods were part of a groundbreaking study on movement conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1974 with Dr. Valerie Hunt.  The study found that Continuum movements recorded at a higher frequency and were more complex than larger, gross movements.  These complex movements innovated new neural pathways, liberated locked tissue and heightened fluid exchanges in previously static systems.

The movement within the fluids invigorates all Healing processes.

Conrad maintains that one element of illness results from constraints on what would otherwise be an inherently mutable system.  As fluid based organisms, we have the potential to organize, fluctuate and re-organize according to circumstance.  Constraints, accumulated over time, impede the flexibility of the system.  Through the daily mingling of psychological, cultural, neuromuscular and stress factors, we develop layers of compensation that become solidified, patterned, and continually recycled.  Eventually, we become closed systems, vulnerable to illness and emotional disarray.

Continuum presents a graceful way of easing the constraints that inhibit the body’s inherent flexibility and innate intelligence to facilitate healing.  By enhancing the fluid system’s ability to transform, Continuum creates an adaptive body that welcomes, responds to, and maintains change.