YONITONE for Pregnancy Monthly Classes Presented by Priya Campbell

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YoniTone is a movement, sound, and breath workout for pregnant women to improve the health and quality of their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. The workout will tone your pelvic floor, while also teaching you how to deeply relax into your own breath and sound. You will learn how to build stamina and energy for one of the biggest days of your life.

– Prepare your Pelvic Floor for Labor and Postpartum
– Heal Back and Pelvic Pain
– Learn How to Encourage Baby’s Optimal Position and Movement
– Build Physical Strength, Energy and Resilience
– Calm Anxiety or Tendency to “Do too Much”
– Open Your Body through Your Own Sound

This class will take you deeper into sensing your body with a focus on your pelvis and pelvic floor. You will learn the basic anatomy of the pelvis including the pelvic muscles and how they function during pregnancy, labor and delivery. You will learn specific exercises that give you control over the pelvic muscles, allowing you to relax and contract them for optimal functioning during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

You will also learn how to use breathwork and vocal exercises for pain management. The breath and sound has been known for thousands of years to diminish labor pains. Additionally, if you practice YoniTone breathwork throughout your pregnancy, you will increase oxygenation to your baby and your pelvis, creating more resiliency during labor.

There will be YoniTone partner exercises to strengthen your ability to speak up, say where you’re at, what you need and get what you want from your partner in labor (and beyond). I find that this is tremendously important for a laboring mom, as labor progress can stall when there isn’t direct and honest communication with herself and her partner.

Saturdays: Mar 4, Apr 1, May 13, Jun 3, Jul 1, Aug 5, Sep 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2
9:00 – 11:00am
To register, visit YoniTone.org
$44 Pre-register & $55 Door

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