YONITONE for Postpartum/Mommy and Me Presented by Priya Campbell

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YoniTone Is A Movement, Yoga, Sound And Breath Workout For Women To Build Dynamic Strength Throughout The Core, Pelvic Floor And Entire Body.

A woman’s center of gravity and creativity is her pelvis—the hub of her wheel.  When turned on, it is a powerhouse of energy. A lot of activity moves through a woman’s hub throughout her lifetime—menstruation, intercourse, pregnancy, birth, menopause, and more. There is a huge opportunity here to process all of this activity and turn it into productive energy.  Otherwise, you leave it partially digested and heavy. When there is a blockage in a woman’s pelvis—either loss of sensation and strength, or pain and discomfort—energy cannot flow freely through her whole system because of the disconnect at her center.

Physical and emotional issues can show up such as depression, anxiety, back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, painful intercourse and lowered libido.

YoniTone starts at the very center of our bodies with subtle sensing exercises and breathwork to first oxygenate, turn on and heighten our awareness of the pelvis, core and pelvic floor.  We then go into stronger breathwork and yogic and spiraling movements that help to physically strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles.  Once strength and sensing are established, we integrate it with larger physical, everyday movements that build your whole body strength and function.  Move through your everyday life from the integrity of your center. Work your core and pelvic floor while going about your everyday activities.

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YoniTone For Women

Thursdays 10:30am-12pm (Babies Welcome!)

First Saturdays 11:30-1pm

Cost: $20 per class

For more information and preregistration e-mail to [email protected]