Who am I? Workshop at SOMAFEST with Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz

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Donnalea is a leader in the field of Somatic Movement and Research, collaborating with such innovators as Sue Carter and Stephen Porges. Donnalea was asked to serve as Executive Director of Continuum Movement by its founder Emilie Conrad – Da’oud upon her death.She founded and directs the Continuum Movement Somatic Teacher Development program, and she is the founder and owner of Cobalt Moon Center for integrative health in Neptune Beach Florida.
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Movement, breath, sound, and imagery are your doorways into the mysteries of life. Take a journey into your deep fluid core and its healing nature to invigorate your life with new ways of thinking, moving and living. All fluids of the body – the circulating blood, the tides of cerebrospinal fluid, the pump of the lymph system, the net of membranes or the swirl of viscera and brain – function as ONE stream of intelligence. Continuum’s movements are designed to enhance the undulating spirals and circularity of this fluid system. A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy. Learn to use specific sounds and movement sequences to stimulate fluid movement within the body and mind for an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive.