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This event finished on 01 March 2020

Water, Body and Soul – An immersive workshop with Maria and Marc Humpich

Within living organism, the water we thing we know turns out to be surprising: morphogenic, liquid crystalline, carrying memory, organizing multiple and adaptive shapes… Inheriting billions of years of evolution initiated in water, the human body can be explored as an ocean of movements…

Once feeling trust, safety and renewed belonging, entering fluidity turns out to be more fruitful than to refrain oneself from living. Here is the choice, here is the act of healing oneself…

The soul will be considered as the sensible fibre of our being which resonates with the aliveness within and at the same time opens to the limitless…

Scientific information and concepts about water/soul/body relationships, polyvagal theory (Stephen Porges), change and healing processes will fluidly alternate with practical explorations in Continuum Movement, honouring Emilie Conrad’s work or freely inspired from Perceptual Education as initiated by Danis Bois and his team.
Shared experiences combined with resonance to sounds, movements or breathing will contribute to building up a feeling of safety, thus facilitating opening and change.

Location: Der Kraftplatz – Nonntaler Hauptstrasse 80 – 5020 Salzburg, Austria