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This event finished on 07 March 2021


Exploring living water allows us to intertwine science and spirituality creatively. We will share with you some fascinating elements of the science of water. Through resonance, we will connect with an intelligence far beyond our ability to comprehend.

Priority is given to experiential exploration in Continuum Movement®, honoring Emilie Conrad’s work, or freely inspired from Perceptual Education as initiated by Danis Bois and his team.


This workshop is open to everyone thirsty for exploring through the living body what it means to be a human being. People motivated by stress management or trauma resolution will find innovative ways to enter healing processes. No prerequisites are required concerning experience in Somatics. Professionals, educators, and therapists will discover unexpected pathways for letting their presence flourish.

“The fluid presence in our body is our fundamental environment. We are the moving water brought to land.”  ~ Emilie Conrad – Life on Land

Registration and information contact: [email protected]