Event Details

This event finished on 15 November 2020

In this online retreat, Dr. Sam will offer methods to improve your eye health and overall wellness. Once you register, he will send you a questionnaire to fill out and return to him, and he will then develop the course based on participants’ needs. Modalities used will likely include vision, sound, color, and light therapies, aromatherapy, and nutrition, as well as energy medicine. He will guide you in meditations, Continuum Movement dives, a short aromatherapy course, and Q and A time.  Upon registration, you will receive a discount code to receive a 20% discount on all webstore products.  Good until December 15th, 2020.  Sorry, no refunds, once you register.


All sessions will be taught on Zoom and will be recorded. After the retreat, you will have full access to all recordings for 60 days.


November 13th, 6 pm-9 pm, November 14th and 15th 10-4 pm MST



Contact: [email protected] (505) 469-4949