The Regenerating Body

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“The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself.”
by founder Emilie Conrad

Continuum offers an innovative learning process that supports and restores you from within. In the practice of Continuum, the nature of the nature of the body becomes a guide for learning how to rest, renew and trust again. The body serves as a touchstone, a portal to unlimited creative possibilities and dimensions.

• Learn a universal language of biologically based movement, incorporating breath and sounding practices that initiate personal movement explorations.
• Discover how you can use Continuum to reclaim your life force and your birthright of fluid possibility.
• The movement explorations are slow paced and the experience is both contemplative and dynamic.
• Participants in a class have choices to work from a variety of positions. Sitting on the floor, lying down on yoga mats or blankets, standing, or working with large exercise balls. Loose, comfortable clothing or other exercise clothing is recommended.
• Continuum is gentle and appropriate for all levels of mobility.

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