The Ocean of Sound: Tuesdays and Saturdays

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This event finished on 24 December 2022

Explore the deeper meanings within the vibrations of Sacred sound codes. All of creation emanates in waves. Your keys to heal, receive guidance, connect and harmonize with Nature, and awaken to your higher consciousness is carried on the vibrations that move through you and that are you.

Join us twice monthly for an exploration of Sacred sound.  This ongoing monthly program is offered in 2 parts:

* 2nd Tuesdays 11am-12:30pm US ET – a knowledge-based class on Sacred sound codes and Sacred language.

* 4th Saturdays 11am-1pm US ET – an experiential Continuum Movement Dive into the ocean to uncover and explore the knowledge within you that the sounds naturally awaken.

Program is $35/month.  Join any time, and stay as long as you’d like.
All classes are recorded.  Recordings and handouts are available.

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Note: My background is in Sufism and the Sacred language of Arabic. These classes – especially the Tuesday classes – are influenced by those teachings, which overlap and integrate beautifully with Continuum Movement.  Check out the website, and contact me if you have questions.