THE MAGIC OF HUMAN CONNECTION Presented by Jessica Encell

Continuum Movement
THE MAGIC OF HUMAN CONNECTION Presented by Jessica Encell
Date: April 15 - December 16, 2017
Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States

Join us for a 2 hour blissful and powerful one-of-a-kind party, gathering and experiment into play, community, connection, self love, celebration and joy. It is an event that cultivates deep connection with amazing people.

THE INTENTION of this event is to create a cosmic imprint of the possibilities of love available in each person’s system – the possibilities of love that you can send out and the possibilities of the magnitude of multidimensional love that you can receive. With this imprint in your system you can then recreate it throughout your life and spread it in the world.

COME REDISCOVER your personal magic, the power of community and just how much love exists in this world!

THROUGH HEART OPENING group and partner activities we activate the potential that exists for us to catalyze magic, joy, higher states of consciousness together.

No partner required – This is a community experience!

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Limited spaces available
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Jessica Encell Coleman
Connection Alchemist at The Magic of Human Connection

Third Thursday of Every Month (Nov 16th, Dec 14th)

Come adventure with 50 other amazing humans in this heart opening interactive playshop!


7:15-7:30pm : Arrival

7:30pm-9:30 : Our guided adventure together, using group and partner activities to activate a transformational and blissful journey into the HEART of CONNECTION and the MAGIC, LOVE, HEALING and JOY that LIVES THERE!

9:30-10:30pm : An hour of community connection time ~ a free and open space to dance, play, connect, share, integrate and enjoy a radiant, golden hearted, high vibrational tribe of people activating love across this planet!*