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This event finished on 18 September 2020

Continuum Movement® & Holotropic Breathwork
with Sylvain Meret and Martin Duris

As an embodied philosophy, Continuum asks: “What is a human body? What makes the particular set up of our bodily organisation, its forms and functions, unique in the context of the earth evolution?”

In this retreat we will enter the temple of the body through sacred geometry, and will align our intention with the intentions of the earth and of the universe. We become then portals of living streams of consciousness pouring bio-intelligence through the fabric of the universe. At this time we should be ready to awaken to our bodily destiny. The body is a portal towards a great future for human kind, it is our endeavour to activate this inner potential, as the planet is going to a greater shift in consciousness. Be ready for the ride!


Sep 14 at 9 AM – Sep 18 at 11 AM UTC+02

Location: Tu A Teraz Bajzová 41, 01001 Žilina, Slovakia

Contact: [email protected]

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