Dance Alive® offers “Take Charge Now” Training (8 hr Training)

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Presented by Mariane Karou

Embodied Leadership Training

Take Charge Now is an interactive, adventurous “How to Move Through Life” Training, increasing your ability to flow with life and interact in any situation with mental agility, physical vitality, emotional intelligence, and integrity. Take Charge Now trains you to move to your next level of being confident in every interaction, solid in every communication, and open to your truth. It trains you how to meet challenges and problem solve, create flow and synergy, and work and play with others in a productive way. It equips you with the embodied skills you need to be able to thrive in every area of your life – personally, relationally, and professionally.

Saturdays: Jan 14, March 11, May 6, July 8, Sept 9, Nov 11, Dec 9

9:00 – 5:00pm

$195 First TCN only, $225/Single a la carte & $1,050/Series of 7 ($150/month)