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This event finished on 26 March 2020

Join Marc for a live class in our Athens studio or a virtual from your home…

Thursday 6:00-7:45 pm
Feb. 20, 27, Mar. 5, 12, 19, 26 2020

Combining his 30 years of professional experience as fascia-therapist and somatic educator/researcher, his knowledge of physiology of stress, fascias and living body anatomy with the principles of Continuum Movement, Marc is offering a 7-step simple but deep approach to support our daily challenged organism and psyche:

1. Understanding stress imprint in our system
2. Addressing priorities in our somatic perception of constraints
3. Entering the power of breath/sound/movement/presence as a regulator of our nervous and fluid systems
3. Reconnecting with bio-intelligence
4. Letting self-regulation bring our system back to balance
5. Enjoying the open system condition
6. Noticing the changes towards fluidity
7. Defining guidelines for a regular self-healing practice.

A creative way of empowerment in a ‘society of acceleration’ which tends to deprive the individual from his/her precious resonance capacity…

Registration: [email protected]

The LivingBody Academy – Mideias 41, NEA IONIA – ATTIKIS, 14233, GREECE