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This event finished on 29 May 2020

SOMATIC SUMMIT – The Nature of Embodiment

No-cost online conference series

May 25-29, 2020

Teri Carter hosts this online series featuring masterful somatic teachers and presenters who will share transformational experiences that move you into infinite waves of health, innovation, and conscious awareness.

No-cost virtual experiences exploring the brilliance of Continuum Movement and other somatic methods that help you embrace your brilliance of engaging in THE NATURE OF EMBODIMENT.

In this summit you will learn methods to inhabit your body and reunite with its innate intelligence, in resonance with the cosmic stream of information. Embodied awakening is one of the most potent ways to find freedom in all that you do.

If you desire a more effortless connection with the world around you, as well as more creativity, ease and pleasure in your life, this summit will deliver nourishment and help you to become a more embodied individual who can inspire, lead and transform the world around you.

No-cost Registration, Contact: [email protected]

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“Continuum is an invitation to dive into the play of life, which spirals, undulates and pulsates with an ancient wisdom that becomes our guide and teacher. As we enter a liquid world spiraling within our cells we encounter an undulating memory of all species where millions of years of an embracing life stream circulating through planet Earth is now alive within each of us as we become inspired by this magnificent initiation.” Emilie Conrad on Moving Medicine