Shadow or Divine Purpose – Monthly Weekend Intensives

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Fri 7-9:30pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Are you exactly where you want to be, or locked up in a spell-cast by your DNA? Beverly helps you to shift your perspective and illuminate your path, in a process that utilizes the umbrella of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Continuum Movement to dive into the primordial womb space of the body to gather information and inquire, with the intention of working with the imprints created in utero. Family Constellations will help us access the ancestry that creates the original blueprint for our life. Ancestral influence passed through the DNA invisibly controls your life. Prenatal and birth experience imprints and sculpts the mind/body, and shapes the sense of self. When disruptions and trauma occur, your Soul purpose can become distorted, disoriented or forgotten.

In this workshop

● Discover and resolve ancestral influence in a safe, supportive environment
● Gain insight into conception, womb & birth experience and begin the healing process
● Enter the sacred waters of your ‘body as womb’
● Reconnect and invoke your Soul’s purposeAutumn Continuum Teacher News

Contact [email protected], 310-308-2639 for more information

Note: In 2018 this workshop will be presented in Bali and Thailand


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