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This event finished on 29 March 2020

Senses & Perception

4-Day Retreat exploring Continuum Movement and our human sensory system

Continuum’s elements of breath, sound, and subtle movement help bring liquidity and mobility to all of our tissues, allowing an innate intelligence to express through wave motion.

Journey into the process and patterns of how movement, awareness, and response to our internal landscape and environmental surroundings shape our being.  Our senses begin as potential and develop in response to stimulation and experience. A somatic exploration of our 5 traditional senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, plus we’ll address proprioception, interoception, kinesthesia, and empathy. Discover and recognize how we filter, modify, distort, accept, and reject sensory information to bond, defend and learn. As we expand our empathic capacities, our unfolding “orbital consciousness” transforms our bodies and perceptions. Developing our sensory system gifts us with extended faculties, with new forms of sensing, receiving, communicating and ways of finding freedom from habitual ways of being with ourselves and the world.

Somatic Synergy 1-day workshops are a discovery process of ourselves as fluid beings, having body-minds that are versatile and adaptive. What are these bodies? How can we be self-aware and not be confined by our cultural anatomy? Continuum Movement allows our bio-organisms to be mutable in form, regenerative and responsive to life circumstance. Movement is not something we do, we are movement!

Learn how Breath, Sound, Movement, and Experiential Anatomy as a shifting scene of form/formlessness can open your being to a world of transformation.

Limited to 8 participants, sign up early $580 / late $660  Register Here

Location: Embody Life Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA 91390

Contact: [email protected]

UPCOMING RETREATS WITH TERI INCLUDE:  Fluid Body, Bones Breath Life, Organs, Bones, Joints-Ligaments-Fascia, SubCellular, Nervous System, Endocrine, Immune, PsychoPhysical Integration