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This event finished on 09 August 2020

Resting into Oneness
A Continuum Movement® Silent Retreat
with Sarah Grace

* The Lion’s Gate Portal *
Friday – Sunday, 1 – 6 pm PDT
August 7, 8 & 9    Live Streaming

We deeply invite you into this Sacred Pause.  We rarely take retreat, let alone a good hour for ourselves these days, where the speed of technology has taken over our culture. 

Come, rest into Oneness with US, your Beloved Continuum Community. We Dive, Breathe, Shed, Allow, and Surrender into that which is most true and Aligned. Breath by Breath, we remember The One who Resides Within. We will deepen into silence over this luxurious 3 days together, being held by the Field as we drop collectively, into states of Health, Quietude, and stillness.

On the 3rd day, a Silent River Day, where you’ll have uninterrupted spaciousness to allow for the Retreat to nourish you.  I welcome you into this Eternal Embrace of YOU.

This 3-day home retreat will support the settling and coming Home to stillness, rest, and restoration. In a longer dive like this, we have the opportunity of tapping into the Depth of Being that is Boundless and Ever-Present. To know ThySelf is the greatest relationship One could endeavor in a lifetime.  Welcome Home.

Live Streaming on Zoom.  Recordings will be available.

• Continuum experience is requested
• Inquiries: [email protected] and +1 (805) 633- 9230 US

Sacred Investment: $111 USD by 7/24/20
• After 7/24, registration: $144 USD
• Please inquire, if payment options needed

• Prepare a peaceful space with a comfortable pad/yoga mat and room to move with blankets, pillows/bolsters, socks and journal
• Eye masks or scarfs are helpful during daylight hours
• Light snacks and tea + water are helpful


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