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This event is running from 8 May 2021 until 9 May 2021. It is next occurring on May 9, 2021 10:00 am

We all move. But movement can be mechanical, goal-oriented, patterned, disconnected from the source of the ever-moving ocean of life.

We all pray. Whether agnostic or believer, we sometimes recognize our power limits and open to possible support coming from vaster than us. Here too, this movement can be relatively automatic, not entirely inhabited, cognitive rather than heartfelt, awkward and not fluid.

Moving and praying might converge in surrendering to a vaster will, in belonging to an ongoing creation. Aligning body, mind, and soul so that life enlightens every single move of ours and brings us into a living silence. The Presence that is revealing Herself helps us find our inner truth. A sacred dialog can unfold, which offers guidance. Gratitude and grace, love and care, infinity and humanity enter a healing dance.

Somatic awakening meditation and Continuum Movement exploration will guide our inquiry.
Discussion and sharing will help wisdom to emerge.


This workshop is open to everyone who is sincerely aware of the limitations of their own will and thirsty for a more meaningful life path. Whether confronted with a challenging life transition or in a spiritual quest, participants will discover or deepen their art of finding sacred support for themselves or those they want to be supportive of.

Pricing and Participation: Choose what suits you best

Participate in Day1:

5 hours dedicated to discovering how to disconnect from your patterned ways of sensing and thinking, for entering into a moving and nurturing silence.

Saturday only, Early bird 57€ before May 3; May 4 and after: 77€

Participate in Day1+ Day2:

10 hours for an in-depth healing process, for developing an unexplored reciprocity with the source of all beings. Expand your awareness and belonging to the sacred. Explore fruitful ways to ask for support and welcome the answer.

Saturday & Sunday, Early bird 97€ before May 3; May 4 and after: 117€

You might sign up for Day1 and at the end of the day, decide to enroll in Day 2 for an additional fee of 47€.

Saturday & Sunday

5:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Greece time); 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (East Coast); including a 30-minute break

The workshop will be in English, but we will give some support to French and Greek-speaking participants when the English language is too challenging (when it is about to share about your experience, for example)

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