On Being A Human Moving

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This workshop will be an immersion into the fluid realm of our body, which is composed of 70% water. Water is a sacred element in every ancient cultures, especially the ones that had a deep spiritual knowledge. We will dive the time of a weekend into our watery existence through sounds, breath and slow moving motion. This practice is called Continuum Movement© and was founded by an American dancer called Emilie Conrad in the late 60th until her passing in 2014 and goes on today all around the planet. The roots of Continuum could be found in the old Mystery School of Asclepian Temples in Greece for instance, where the use of sacred sounds, dreams, water baths and dark chambers were the mediums for healing. Inour modern version we use a more somatic setting: lying on a mat, sitting or using a chair, in combination with specific breaths, vocal sounds and movement sequences. The work is about creating a resonant field that will increase our connection with the larger earth and cosmic fields. We also reconnect with our sensations, our breath and attention through emphasizing self-awareness, and we slow down in order to hear better what’s happening inside and beyond ourselves. We are moving creatures since our ancestry begins with the first microorganisms that sprung into life around 3 milliards years ago. Continuum is a proposition and an inquiry to recapitulate the moving process of life from our deepest origin till now.

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