Mystery Unfolding, Continuum Movement® Teacher Meeting

Continuum Movement
Mystery Unfolding, Continuum Movement® Teacher Meeting
Date: June 10 - 19, 2018
Location: Greek Isles Greek Isles, Greece

Mystery Unfolding

Many of us around the world may know that one of Emilie Conrad’s dreams was to offer a teacher meeting exploring the health and innovation of being human, at or near the birthplace of the Aesculapian healing traditions in Greece.

We have a wonderful group of dedicated teachers and teachers-in-training who will be joining us to be a part of the Mystery Unfolding in Greece this June, over Emilie’s birthdate.

Our teacher event is being designed by dedicated Continuum Movement teachers who are committed to cultivating community and a safe container to deepen into the mystery, including Caryn Heilman, Denise Gross, Deborah Franco, Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, Maria (Lhamo) Karakosta, Patty Adamik, Sylvain Meret, T’mimah Ickovits, Teri Carter.

We open our hearts to all as we dive into the mystery of “Life on Land” in this miraculous Greecian exploration.

Emilie Conrad, Somatic Movement Visionary & Founder of Continuum Movement®

Photo of Emilie Conrad by Jamie McHugh