Master Class with Dr. Sam Berne

Event Details

This event finished on 07 March 2023

How does Dr. Berne’s Master Class work?
The master class gives participants direct access to work with Dr. Berne.

Each participant receives three sessions:
One 30-minute telemedicine Zoom session before he meets you in person. During this session, you will go over the problems you are having and the goals you want to achieve. Berne will give you action steps to take before he meets you in person.
One 30-minute in person one- on- one session at the Master class while the other participants observe.
One 30-minute telemedicine Zoom session, one month after the live session to follow-up and give additional recommendations.

Dr. Berne uses a whole health approach that includes the following:
Physical Vision Therapy
Yoked Prism Therapy and Reduced Prescription Lens Therapies
Somatic Movement
Cognitive and Vestibular therapies
Brain and Primitive Reflex movement processes
Essential Oil and Herbal Protocols based on your condition
Specific Nutrition and Dietary recommendations
Color and Sound Therapy
Hair Mineral Testing

In addition to the working with Dr. Berne you will receive:
20% discount off all products for 6 months, including any reduced glasses prescriptions. He will be able to help you with your prescription!
A signed copy of his new book: Vital Vision
Hair Mineral Test and Dr. Berne’s interpretations during your Master Class session
5% off his premium Gold Tier in-person event (Request Discount Code):