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This event finished on 31 March 2020

Masks reveal a part of the story. The rest is a mystery.  Probing beneath the surface awakens awareness and longing.

A process of innovation is naturally be revealed and with it the ability to respond to a wide variety of circumstances with enhanced integrity presents.

This dynamic inquiry into what it is to be human looks beneath the surface to reveal our truest essence and reference its part in an unfolding planetary process.

By means of loosely choreographed movements and a meditative process we invite a revelation of hidden fluid connectivity of our own origins with ongoing currents of organismic life. Dive into a gentle process of sound, movement, and inquiry for release, health, rejuvenation, and innovation.

Benefits will vary and they include
Cultivation of Receptivity
Increased Sensitivity
Enhanced Adaptability
Slowing Down
Awareness of being part of something much bigger
Feeling Support

8 session series $160 paid in advance
Single class $25
Santa Monica Ocean Park Address is given with registration

[email protected]
310 430 9864

Dates: Tuesday Feb 11,18,25, Tuesday March 3, Wednesday March 11, Tuesday March 17, 24, 31

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