Dance Alive® offers “Inner Rhythms” Workshop (4 hr Workshop)

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Presented by Mariane Karou

“Coming Home” A Breath and Meditational Movement Workshop

You are living…breathing…creativity in motion. Inner Rhythms is the foundation of all movement, the space in which all life, motion, and creation emerges from. This workshop guides you deeply inside, to listening, to sensing, and to moving from the subtle stir of movement already happening within you. It takes time and space to drop inside, deep enough to contact this space. This journey is both deeply restorative, healing and very practical. Whether you are just beginning or very advanced with this practice, you will gain a new level of access to your subconscious, intuition, and entire physical system.

Sundays: Jan 15, Mar 12, May 7, Jul 9, Sept 10, Nov 12, Dec 10

2:00 – 6:00pm

$65/Single & $200/Series of 4