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This event finished on 20 September 2020

As planetary beings thriving for our own evolution, we have set up, as a culture, rituals and initiations to transcend the limitation of our current existence. We have done this probably since the ice age in caves and natural temples, where the sacred and the values of life were carved on the walls and celebrated. We have created spaces and chambers for regeneration, and transcendental experiences that would bridge our earthly experiences with the vastest of the cosmos. Before the mind separated our full awareness of the meaning of living on earth as a human being, the knowing that we are part of all existences was there.

In our current development, we are profoundly lacking these types of spaces. The external reality has taken over our awareness into a materialistic world of values. Some of us long for a deeper connection to life and a fulfilled existence.
This weekend includes an all-nighter from Saturday to Sunday. Continuum experience required.


Sep 18 at 4 PM – Sep 20 at 5 PM UTC+02

Location: Dračí Blaho Jánská 8, 118 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Contact: [email protected]

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