Event Details

This event is running from 13 September 2021 until 4 October 2021. It is next occurring on September 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Discover fluid movement through a series of four classes in which we take a closer look at the various forms of the moving water. From wave motion and the branching, meandering, spiraling forms seen in nature, to the structure and function of the human body, the same archetypal patterns of movement find expression in all life. Through embodiment we explore the invitation to become one with these fluid movements and participate in what Emilie referred to as the “choreography of life.”

Classes are open to those new to Continuum, however participation in a 90min Intro, “Becoming the Water,” is recommended before registering for this series. In each of the classes we will work with the foundational elements of Continuum – breath, sound and movement – both through discussion and a ‘dive’ together.

“In moving water the earthly world thus allows the ever changing life in the universe of the stars to flow into the course of its own life.” Theodor Schwenk

Cost: $60 CDN (series of four classes)

EMAIL: [email protected]