Fluid Place; Exploring Spatial/Temporal InterConnections

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Location, Location, Location
Many of us can recall Emilie Conrad emphatically sharing these words and the significance of locating oneself. As we allow our bio-system to find somatic comfort, the Dissolve/Resolve found in the practice of Continuum Movement® allows our whole being to rest and settle, drop under the tone of our nervous system and integrate with the earth’s gravitational field and cosmic stream of information.

I find it nourishing to consistently locate myself in order to offset the current cultural milieu of speed, confusion, political despair, and bio-system attachment to technology, all of which deters us from comfortably navigating the terrain of life. I invite you to join me in embracing the practice of attuning to nature’s support, where ground and direction becomes familiar in each moment and our fluid body resonates with all time/space. As we slow down, sensory signals guide us, cueing the body’s inner landscape of subtle movement and mutability of form, to deepen with every breath in relation to our world.

Like the ocean is a body of water, the whole human organism is a body of movement. In open attention we can recognize that we ARE movement, we shift from fixation and receive the nourishing creative flux that is available to us. Continuum’s fluid movement, dexterity of breath, resonance of sound, and value of meaning empowers us to experience life in our wholeness as a human being, able to participate more fully in each dive, and in each day. Let’s Dive Together! In community we’ll resource Continuum’s invitation to align with our innate wisdom, finding spaciousness that emerges from attuning to sensation and place.

Workshop $55 or earlybird pre-register online $47
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