Fluid Oxytocin: Encounters with the Love and Bonding Hormone through Continuum Movement

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Oxytocin is a hormone supporting love, bonding and attachment throughout life, beginning with the birth process. Essential for contractions during labour, it also facilitates falling in love in breast feeding and with our chosen romantic partners. Its function can be interfered with by stress and the speed of life.

CONTINUUM MOVEMENT has been developed over almost 50 years by the late EMILIE CONRAD, and continues to evolve within a field of devoted teachers trained by Emilie. Continuum is an enquiry into our fluid nature, and its effect on our health and well-being.

Continuum supports the flow of oxytocin as our hearts open. Using specific breaths, sounds, mindful awareness and gentle fluid movement, we slow down, relax and dissolve restrictive patterns in our tissues and nervous systems. We return to the warm resonant sensations we may have missed or forgotten in the midst of our challenges, traumas and busy, accelerated lives.

In this two-day workshop we soften our tissues, open our hearts and deepen into relational being supported by the flow of oxytocin.

Sally Christian
[email protected]
07979 801405

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