Fluid Eros – Spirals of the Heart

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Continuum is an elegant sound and movement practice which makes an art form of dissolving constraint and welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level. This practice becomes a source of continuous well-being, wisdom and creative inspiration. Tune into the intrinsic rhythms of your heart and spiralic nature of ow. In this workshop we will explore the anatomy of the spiral of the heart and how this impacts how we move and connects to our expression. We will look at the work of Stephen Porges of the polyvagal theory and social engagement., taking this into Continuum dives to explore how we deepen below the patterned responses of our heart to create new engagement within and with the world. Venue: Synchronicity Studios, Clapham North, London.

Early bird £180 by 20 Nov 2015. Reserve your space with a £100 deposit. Later registration (space permitting) £225 by 20 January 2016. Late registration (space permitting) £250 after 20 January 2016.

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