The Flowing Heart – Spreading wisdom and nourishment

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Immersive online workshop
with Marc and Maria Humpich

Part 1 of 3
February 26-27, 2022

Our heart spreads its waves all along the blood vessels coral tree. Let’s bring fluidity to our thorax, diaphragm, and spine for our heart to be protected by a living and plastic environment.

Our brain/heart connection suffers from limiting patterns. Let’s open a flowing communication between both of them for the heart to inform our brain/mind with new wisdom.

From sadness to joy, from egocentrism to self-awareness, our flowing heart can guide us to an evolving life experience in our connection to ourselves, others, and the living vastness we belong to.

Discover how to take care of yourself in letting thorax tension, heaviness and restrictions dissolve. Explore the heart/brain attunement for your mind to get silent and your heart to speak your inner truth. Move away from a fearful egocentric posture and soar to a flowing connection with bio-intelligence. As your sense of self expands, the others appear to you freed from your limiting projections.

Priority is given to experiential exploration in Continuum Movement®, honouring Emilie Conrad’s work, or freely inspired from Perceptual Education as initiated by Danis Bois and his team.

This workshop is open to everyone who is sincerely aware of their heart restrictions, whether bodily, emotional, or spiritual. Whether confronted with a challenging life situation or in a spiritual quest, participants will discover or deepen their art of finding profound guidance for themselves or those they want to support.

Saturday & Sunday: 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Greece time)
10:00 am – 1:30 pm (East Coast)
(including a 15-minute break)

Value : Saturday only, Early bird 47€ till February 12; February 13 and after: 67€
Saturday & Sunday, Early bird 87€ till February 12; February 13 and after: 107€
You might sign up for Day1 and at the end of the day, decide to enroll for Day 2 for an additional fee of 37€.

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